Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park


Lake Manyara National Park is a small park lies at the western Rift valley escarpment. It has an area of 330 square km of which 230 square km is covered by the lake Manyara. It is famous for having the tree climbing lions together with large population of elephants. Also there are plenty kinds of birds within the lake shore and forest.

Lake Manyara national park gives you a superb view of elephants, though it’s known to have tree climbing lion the big cats a rarely seen. This is park is the best for bird watching this is because it has over 400 species of birds and you can see about 100 species in a single day. This includes the pelicans, cormorants, flamingos inside the lake giving it an outstanding view.

  • This park is best known for

    • It’s renowned for its unique tree climbing lions.
    • Offers the best bird viewing site like the beautiful flocks of flamingoes at the lake shoes. This makes lake to have a brilliant view.
    • Its park that offers canoes safari
    • The park is always crowded with animals in the afternoon during the best seasons.
  • When to go

    • June-September is the best time to view animals since the park is crowded. The dry season (July-October) is when the animals are easily spotted. The wet seasons (November- June) is best for bird viewing and visiting the waterfalls.
  • Activites

    • Game drive around the park, this includes forest and also visiting the lake for bird watching. The game drive can also be done at night.
    • The canoe safari on the lake.

    Walking safari around the escarpment