Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park


Serengeti is an outstanding park in the whole Africa. It’s the largest and oldest park and a world’s heritage site. It has endless plains covered by enormous blanket of savannah grass with vast kinds of animal’s species. This includes larges herbs of giraffe, elephant, gazelle, and also predators. Such as lion, cheetah, hyena etc. without forgetting the large group of wildebeest that migrate seasonally makes this park unique in the world. There are also different kinds of land forms such as valleys.

Best known for

Serengeti National park has an area 14763square km reaching up to Kenya borders and almost to Lake Victoria. It’s also called Siringitu by the Massai meaning land that moves on forever.

  • This park is best known for

    • It’s the largest park in Tanzania with the largest number of wild animals.
    • It’s has a unique and largest animal migration in the world. This involves millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebras together with Thomson Gazelle. They migrate between Serengeti national park and Masaai Mara in Kenya.
    • It offers a hot air balloon safari giving you spectacular view.
    • It has a huge variety of bird species over 500 that is best for the birdwatcher.


    • Game driving around the park
    • Hot air balloon safaris
    • Visiting the river Grumeti
  • When to go

    The best time to gets the best wild view is during June and July even though the park offers wildlife view throughout the year. During this time you will have the opportunity to witness the wildebeest migration. This involves millions of wildebeest together will thousands of zebras and gazelle. You will be able to see the thrilling part as they cross the river Grumeti. This river is full of hungry and merciless crocodiles waiting for the prey to cross the river. Also it’s the best time for viewing wildlife in the park as the Seronera area is crowded with wild animals.

    During February is the best for view the core creations. This involve wildebeest calving season, hence you will view wildebeest giving birth to thousands of calves in a day. It’s also the good time to view how predators hunt down their prey.